Welcome to the Ollen Musical Sophistication Index (OMSI)

The Ollen Musical Sophistication Index (OMSI) is a tool to aid researchers in classifying their research participants as more or less musically sophisticated. For more information, click here or email to Joy Ollen (ollenj@douglas.bc.ca)

In order to obtain your score, please enter an answer for every question unless you are specifically directed to skip one.

OMSI online
1. How old are you today?
age in years
2. At what age did you begin sustained musical activity? "Sustained musical activity" might include regular music lessons or daily musical practice that lasted for at least three consecutive years. If you have never been musically active for a sustained time period, answer with zero.
age at start of sustained musical activity
3. How many years of private music lessons have you received? If you have received lessons on more than one instrument, including voice, give the number of years for the one instrument/voice you've studied longest.
If you have never received private lessons, answer with zero
years of private lessons
4. For how many years have you engaged in regular, daily practice of a musical instrument or singing? "Daily" can be defined as 5 to 7 days per week. A "year" can be defined as 10 to 12 months. If you have never practiced regularly, or have practiced regularly for fewer than 10 months, answer with zero.
years of regular practice